US Visas Guide

I Visa

You may be qualified for the I, Agents of outside Media, nonimmigrant visa, in the event that you: 
  • Speak to a remote data media outlet (press, radio, film, or other outside data media) 
  • Are going to the United States to connect with exclusively in this calling; and 
  • Have a home office in a remote nation 
  • Occupations under this class incorporate correspondents, film groups, editors, and comparable occupations. Any companion and youngsters less than 21 years old may go with or take after to join an I nonimmigrant. 


Qualification Criteria 

You must exhibit that you are a genuine illustrative of outside media whose exercises are key to the elements of your association. The consular officer at the U.S. consulate will figure out if a movement is qualifying with a specific end goal to get a nonimmigrant visa. 

Application Process 

You can apply for an I visa at American Government office or department with ward over your place of lasting living arrangement. The Branch of State sets up visa application handling and issuance charges. For definite application guidelines, see the Branch of State's page. 


As a delegate of outside media, you can't go to the U.S. what's more, take part in your calling without an I nonimmigrant visa, regardless of the possibility that you are a subject of a nation that takes an interest in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP). On the off chance that you endeavor to go to the U.S. without the proper visa, you may be denied confirmation by the Branch of Country Security (DHS) at the port of section (air terminal, seaport, or area fringe). There are constrained examples under which you, as a remote media agent, may be qualified to go with a guest's visa. See the Branch of State's page for more data. 


Time of Sit tight 

At the port of section, a Traditions and Outskirt Assurance (CBP) Officer will figure out whether you can be admitted to the United States. The Officer will audit and stamp Structure I-94, Landing/Takeoff Record, which will contain your approved time of remain. Confirmation as an I nonimmigrant is by and large approved for the length of time of status (i.e., D/S on Structure I-94), and no application for augmentation of stay is required to be documented the length of the media agent keeps working for the same boss in the same data medium. In the event that Frame I-94 demonstrates a particular end date for your approved time of stay, and you wish to stay past that predefined end date, you must record a Structure I-539, Application to Augment/Change Nonimmigrant Status, as per the structure documenting directions, and present any required proof and appropriate charges. 

Asking for Change of Status to I Nonimmigrant or Change of Business or Data Medium 

In the event that you are as of now in the United States and wish to ask for a change of status from another nonimmigrant arrangement to an I nonimmigrant status, or in the event that you right now hold I status and wish to ask for a change of business or data medium, you must record Structure I-539, Application to Develop/Change Nonimmigrant Status as per the structure documenting guidelines and with the correct expenses. Your application ought to be joined by confirmation of your present status and a letter from the utilizing outside media association depicting the occupation and setting up the way that the candidate is an agent of that media association. 
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