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Spouse or Child of US Permanent Resident (F2)

Common-law partnersmay possiblymeet the requirements as other half for immigration commitments depending on the laws of the country where the common-law marriage take place.
On condition of polygamy, simply the first partnerpossibly willbe eligible as a spouse for settlement.


  • To be qualified for a Green Card as a Partner or Child of a US Permanent Resident, the foreign partner and the US legalized permanent resident should be officiallywedded as showed by legal marriage documentation. 
  • In accumulating, the legal permanent resident has to be residing in the United States at the time of the submission. 
  • Children of the legitimate permanent resident should verify relationships over birth certificates, adoption documents and weddingofficial document. Intervieweesfurther need to certain health and character necessities.
  • A legal Permanent Resident (LPR) couldappeal for his/her overseas national spouse. This family inclination is recognized as the “F2A” preference. 
  • The legal Permanent Resident make sure of not be eligible for the Instant Relative category as the Settlement and Nationality Act did not make the relevant grouping.  
  • The F2A preference category comprises both the Partner and any singlesmall children who belong to below than 21 as soon as the I-130 family plea is filed.  
  • It is necessary to meet the requirements for this kind ofcategory; the LPR should be legally married to the other half. 
  • On condition that the Spouse or the LPR petitioner were already married, one or the othershould verify that any earlier marriage was officiallycompleted with qualified government or court official paperslike divorce, death or withdrawalannouncements.

Generallythere is a long coming up list in this family preference, and liable on the Spouse's homeland of responsibility, husband and wife and his/her child (ren) may possibly must take a break for more than a few years formerly having the chance to come to be a Legal Permanent Resident.  



As long as you promote a family second preference (F2) request for your partner and you did not file single petitions for your small children as soon as you were a LPR, you need do so at the present. 

A youngster is not comprised in an instant relative (IR) petition. However, this is not the same from the family second preference (F2) petition, which take insmall children in their blood relation F2 petition.
Teenagers born overseasnext you come to be a U.S. citizen may possiblybe suitable for U.S. nationality. They ought toput on for U.S. passports. The consular officer will regulateeven if your child is a U.S. legal resident and keep a passport. In case the consular officer defines your child has not keep an American nationality, the child have to apply for amigrant visa on condition that he/she requiresstayingin the United States.


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