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How To Get F4 Sibling O US Resident Visa Easily And Eligibility Criteria?

Persons who are applying on a U.S. citizen visa or have U.S. nationality may claim for a overseas national sibling any required age. It is easy to claim this visa under this category. This family choice or selection is known as the “F4 family preference”. The Sibling of US Citizen or the F4 grouping allows US residents to sponsor their family members like sister or brother and also half-sister or half-brother. This visa also allow you to support stepsister or stepbrother and adopted brother or sister currently present overseas or presently living in the United States to live and work in the US on a long-lasting base.


If you are putting on request for the overseas sibling is in the US, the overseas sibling must have arrived the US lawfully and endure to uphold lawful prominence. In case you are moving your case for the overseas sibling when he or she is outside the United States, the overseas sibling must stay outside the US up to the visa is approved.


Though there is no slightest age condition for a overseas national familial, the U.S. resident (USC) requester should be of the minimum 21 years old.  If the USC needs to appeal for more than one sibling in this case there will be discrete appeals must be provided.  In legal terms the Legal Permanent Resident or commonly known as the LPR may not appeal for his or her sibling as there is no such grouping.  For effectively taking your brothers or sisters to the U.S., the USC requester and his/her familial recipient should have one parent in common to qualify for the F4 visa.  


What is sibling definition under F4 Visa?

Basically the sibling is a brother or sister in one case, stepbrother or stepsister in second case or adopted brother or sister in third case. The brothers or sisters you are applying for do not require sharing the comparable birth parents at the appropriate time that is at the age of 16 for adopted children, and age 18 for stepchildren.

Sibling of US Citizen (F4) Green Card Privileges

The Sibling of US Visa or F4classificationoffersoverseas siblings with the chance to reunify with family members living in the United States and become office all citizens. The life partner and children below 21 years of age of the overseas sibling may attend the overseas sibling and put on request for permanent citizen as well.

Visa Availability

65,000 visas annually are accessible worldwide in this visa classification which comprises derivative candidates such as life partners and unmarried kids.  The brother or sister must have an official migrant request like I-130 and delay for a visa number to become accessible before putting on request to correct status in the US.

Government fees and Processing times

  • Application Fee is estimated to be US$420 to US$1490
  • Partner Application Fee is estimated to be US$420 to US$1490
  • Dependents Application Fee is estimated to be US$420 to US$1490
  • The Processing Time will be roughly 2 to 13 years
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