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How to apply for Q1 non immigrant visas for adults easily?

What are the Necessities of the Q1 Visa

A Q1 visa is an interim work visa for grown-ups (no less than 18 years old) to partake in a preparation, occupation and social trade program. The project must be controlled by a US boss and must give viable preparing and occupation to the member while encouraging the sharing of history, society and custom of the member's nation of origin. 
Those wishing to take part in an instructive based trade system may be qualified to apply for a Trade visa (J visa). 


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Q1 Visa Necessities 

To fit the bill for a Q1 visa, the candidate must be no less than 18 years of age and ready to convey the social properties of their nation of origin. 
Also, the candidate must have a US manager to support them and direct the social trade program. Candidates who have beforehand entered the US on a Q1 visa more likely, not being physically outside the US for no less than one year before re-entering there. 
Q1 visa candidates might likewise be required to meet certain wellbeing and character prerequisites. 


Q1 Visa Qualifications 

A Q1 visa qualifies the holder for take an interest in a livelihood based social trade program in the US. A Q1 visa is generally allowed for the length of time of the system up to 15 months and expansions can't be conceded. 
There is no procurement for companions and offspring of Q1 visa holders to go with the Q1 visa holder. Companions and youngsters wishing to go to the US to join their mate or parent are required to get a suitable travel visa, work visa or understudy visa. 



  1. Unique identification legitimate for over 6 months and a duplicate of the data page. 
  2. Application Structure with a late shading identification estimated photograph stuck to or stapled on. 
  3. For family gathering, welcome letter from a relative living in China who is either a Chinese native or a nonnative with a Chinese perpetual habitation license. The welcome letter ought to contain: 
a. Data on the candidate (full name, sexual orientation, date of conception, and so on.)
b. Data on the visit ( motivation behind visit, planned landing date, place(s) of proposed living arrangement, expected length of time   of habitation, entry and flight dates, connection of the candidate to the intriguing substance or individual, and budgetary hotspot for     uses) 
c. Data on the enticing individual (name, contact number, address, authority stamp, mark of the intriguing individual, and so on.) 
4. Verification of family relationship (unique and duplicate, for example, Conception Declaration or Marriage Authentication, and so forth (this is required for Q1 application just) 
5. Photocopy of the Chinese ID of the intriguing individual or remote international ID and lasting living arrangement grant. 
Summary: in the above mentioned content the Necessities of applying for the Q1 visa are described.
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