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How to apply for P2 visa artists and entertainers and requirements

What are the P2 Work License and the privileges of the Same

The American Alliance of Performers of the United States and Canada is perceived by United States Citizenship and Movement Administrations as an approved solicitor for interim work licenses in the interest of AFM part artists. In this manner, Canadian individuals who wish to perform (work) in the United States may apply for non-outsider work grants through AFM. The AFM gives precisely the same of administration as migration legal counselors or visa administration specialists. 


The AFM gives migration counseling administrations to individuals and non-individuals alike. On the other hand, appealing to for P2 Work Grants is a part particular administration, prepared by AFM's Canadian Office in the interest of Canadian AFM individuals only.


The P2 Work License 

For most musical work in the United States, performers require an Arrangement P2 Work License, or other non-worker grant (definite underneath). For some unpaid work, artists may be qualified to enter the U.S. under B1 status. 
For particular data on what you will require and to download the application bundle, please see the connections underneath:


We propose DOWNLOADING these documents to your hard drive BEFORE rounding them out. Snap to open the documents and after that spare or right snap and pick "Spare Target As..." (All records are .pdf group). We suggest downloading and utilizing the most recent rendition of Adobe Peruser to round out and spare the documents. Get the most recent form here. To spare rounded out structures in Adobe Peruser, pick "Save As..." and enter another record name. 
To fit the bill for a P2 visa, the candidate must be a craftsman or performer, either independently or as a component of a gathering who has been acknowledged or welcomed to take part in a complementary trade project between an association in the US and an association in another nation. The craftsman or performer must have abilities practically identical to those of the US specialists and performers taking an interest in the system abroad. 
Likewise, the candidate must have a US manager, association or specialists to support their interest in the trade program in the US. 
P2 visa candidates might likewise be required to meet certain wellbeing and character prerequisites. 
Evaluation for People Appraisal for Bosses 

P2 Visa Privileges 

A P2 visa qualifies the holder for partake in a trade program in the US. A P2 visa is generally conceded for the length of time of their system and augmentations may be allowed. Craftsmen and performers with a P2 visa are allowed double expectation, which means the candidate can keep up P2 visa status while applying for a Green Card to stay in the US for all time. 
Fundamental bolster work force wishing to go with P2 visa candidates may be qualified to apply for a P2 visa if their abilities and experience are key to the main candidate's execution. 
Mates and unmarried youngsters under 21 years old may apply for the pertinent subordinate visa (P4 visa) to join their life partner or parent in the US. Going with mates and youngsters are qualified for study in the United States yet are not qualified for embrace any livelihood without acquiring a fitting work visa.
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