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How to apply for M1 student visa and application process

The USA M1 visa is for the vocational or nonacademic studies. The M1 visa holders for vocational or technical programs are not permitted to work during the time of their studies.
The M1 visa applicants are required to have the proof that they have sufficient funds which would quickly be made available to pay the tuition fees and living costs for the entire period of stay.


M1 Visa Basic Requirements

  1. As an M1, you must be indulged in a full course of study and your program should have a goal. You can't just enter to just study.
  2. By all course of study I mean to study in a junior college or a community with at least 12 semesters.
  3. It should be in a school where 12 semesters are offered and anyone attending all the 12 is charged a full tuition fee.
  4. The only exceptional thing is your need for a smaller course load to complete your course of study. 


Applying for the M1 visa

Various universities have different admission criteria and policies. Your university will give you the guidelines and information regarding what they need from you to check your eligibility. In other requirements, you would be required to show a health insurance in order to cover the medical expenses. 


Once your university has come to the decision that your application is complete and academically you are an eligible person, they will issue a 1-20 form for you to apply for the student visa.
Applicants for the M1 visa usually apply at an Embassy or consulate. This normally happens within the home country of the applicant.
Or else visa applicants can apply at any US consular office abroad. It could be more difficult to qualify for your visa outside the country of your residence. 
While applying at a consulate:
  • The applicants will have to complete and submit the DS-160. This is an online application for the non-immigrant visa.
  • The applicants will have to pay a fee which would be nonrefundable meaning if applicants visa does not get approved his money will not be returned.
  • A DS-157 form for all men with ages between sixteen and forty-five
  • A passport for travelling to the USA with further 6 months stay validity than the duration of your intended period of stay.
  • A digital photo can be uploaded which is in color, has been taken recently to be matched with your original appearance. 
  • The photo should be taken in the front of a plain white or maybe an off-white background. 
  • The photo should be taken in full face view.
  • It is necessary for your eyes to be visible as opened in the picture.
  • The photo should be taken in your normal day to day dress up. 
Some general tips:
  • To make sure your visa gets an approval your documentation plays a vital role. 
  • Make sure you have filled all the blanks and none has left blank.
  • Proper and good documentation will make it easier for the visa officer to approve your visa.


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