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How To Apply For Visa For Spouse Or Child Of US Permanent Resident

Who can obtain K-3 Visa?

The K-3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa made for the foreign citizen spouse of a United States citizen. The K-3 visa for spouses allows the spouse and the spouse’s unmarried children under the age of 21 years with K-4 Visa enter the U.S. to await the approval of the filed petition by USCIS until the achievement of an Immigrant Visa.


Who to apply for USA K-3 Spouse Visa:

For those foreign nationals who wish to apply for K-3 nonimmigrant visa and further to obtain immigrant visa must:
  • Be the U.S. citizen spouse
  • Submit a completed form I-130 filed on the behalf of foreign citizen spouse by the U.S. citizen spouse directly to the USCIS (Unite States Citizenship and Immigration Services). The form I-130 is for the petition for Alien relative with the department of homeland security. The applicant will receive a receipt notice of receiving by the USCIS once they have received the petition.

  • Have a Complete form I-129 on behalf of foreign national Spouse by the U.S. citizen spouse to the USCIS. The form I-129 is for the petition of alien Fiancé(s) for foreign-citizen spouse and stepchildren if any. 
  • A completed medical examination form I-693 is also necessary when the applicant appears at the consulate to apply for K-3 spouse Visa.
  • Once the petition filed to USCIS is approved, they will send it to National Visa Center (NVC) for further process. 
  • When NVC have received both approved petitions by USCIS, they will contact foreign citizen spouse and the U.S. citizen spouse for processing with instructions for IR-1 immigrant Visa. The applicant must follow the instructions.


Required Documentation for K-3 Spouse Visa Application:

The applicant, applying for K-3 Visa for Spouses will be required to provide the following documents and forms at the time of interview:
  • A Completed form D-160 online nonimmigrant Visa Application filled online and printed.
  • A valid passport for traveling to the United States with the Validity date at least six months beyond the intended period of stay.
  • Applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate for the marriage to the U.S. citizen spouse
  • Divorce or death certificate in case of having previous spouse(s).
  • Police clearance certificate from the present country of resident and all the countries where the applicant have lived for more than six months. A police certificate is also necessary for accompanying children age 16 or more.
  • Evidence of Financial support, form I-134. An affidavit of support may require as evidence.
  • Two (2*2) photographs. 
  • Evidence of Relationship of a foreign spouse with U.S. citizen spouse.
  • Medication examination or vaccination.
  • Proof of payment of application processing fee.
However, the visa officer may require some additional information or documents such as wedding photograph to ensure that the spouse is genuine. The documents in the language other than English must be translated into English along with original documents. 

Application fee and processing time:

Fees are charged for different Visa services including the spouse of U.S. citizen Visa category that is 265.0 $. Other charges include filing a petition for alien relative and petition for a fiancé. 
The length of processing time varies from case to case as per circumstances. Some cases are delayed because the applicant doesn't follow the instructions or due to providing incomplete information. Some applications require administrative processing which require more time after the applicant’s interview.
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