US Visas Guide

How to apply for trainee and exchange visas for trainees

Best option for the Trainees – J1 Visa

To fit the bill for a J1 visa as a learner, candidates must be acknowledged to take part in a guaranteed preparing system in the US. To take an interest in a preparation program, candidates must have a post-optional capability and no less than one year of work experience or possibly five years of work involvement in their word related field. Preparing projects are accessible in a scope of fields, including the accompanying: 


  • Agriculture, Ranger service and Angling; 
  • Arts and Society; 
  • Building and Development; 
  • Education, Sociology, Library Science, Directing and Social Administrations; 
  • Health  occupations; 
  • Hospitality and Tourism; 
  • Information Media and Correspondences; 
  • Management, Business, Trade and Back; 
  • Public Organization and Law; 
  • Science, Building, Structural engineering, Arithmetic and Mechanical occupations. 


J1 visa candidates may be required to meet certain wellbeing and character prerequisites. 

J1 Visa Privileges for Students 

A J1 visa qualifies the holder for taking an interest in an expert preparing project in the US. A J1 visa for learners is normally allowed for the length of time of the endorsed program (regularly up to two years) and expansions are not required for whatever length of time that the visa holder keeps on taking an interest in the preparation program. 


Life partners and unmarried youngsters under 21 years old may apply for the material subordinate visa (J2 visa) to join their companion or parent in the US. Going with life partners and kids are qualified for study in the US and may attempt business with an endorsed vocation approval. 
The US Student visa system involves a scope of makeshift, non-migrant visas that allow learners to go to the US to take an interest in organized preparing projects with US partnerships and associations in their field of premium or skill. 

Entry level positions are interested in: 

  • Students at present enlisted in a degree or expert testament program in a school, college, or other post-optional scholarly foundation outside the U.S. 
  • Individuals who have moved on from these organizations inside of 12 months of the entry level position begin date 
  • Internships must be specifically identified with the assistant's scholarly field of study 
  • Interns ought to be in any event part of the way through their degree programs before their project begin date keeping in mind the end goal to be adequately arranged for their U.S. temporary job 

When you have secured an offer from a U.S. business, we manage you through the visa handle and give help to both you and your manager. Our administrations include: 
  • Processing your project application 
  • Determining your qualification for a J-1 Visa 
  • Supplying you with the fundamental visa research material 
  • Providing you mishap and affliction protection that surpasses State Office prerequisites 
  • Offering continuous backing and help all through your system 
Universal temporary job and preparing projects help understudies and youthful experts from everywhere throughout the world to propel their professions by increasing global experience. Career Preparing USA offers members some assistance with taking the favorable position of entry level position and preparing projects in the USA while giving backing and assistance when you are in America.
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