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Correct procedure of applying for J1 visa for interns

The J-1 Visa for Learners and Understudies 

The motivation behind the J-1 Learner/Entry level position class of the J-1 Trade Guest Project is to give the candidate an open door for expert advancement connected to knowledge into the strategy and speculation connected with American business and a general comprehension of American society. Learners and Understudies are relied upon to share the multifaceted and expert experience they have picked up in the U.S. after coming back to their own particular nations.


Numerous organizations give their learners/understudies with a month to month stipend. 


Essential Notes: 

  • Candidates ought to know that the J-1 Visa Program for Learners and Assistants is planned singularly as a method for taking part in a preparation or understudy program. Utilizing the J-1 Visa Program for Students and Understudies to fill the position of a standard worker is entirely precluded by U.S. Division of State regulations. 

  • As Learner/Understudy, the candidate is entirely precluded from tolerating any job in the U.S outside preparing/entry level position. In the event that a candidate is found to take part in unapproved work, he will be infringing upon government regulations, subject to quick end from the J-1 Visa Program, and may confront expulsion and different punishments through the United States Citizenship and Movement Administrations (USCIS). 



To be qualified for Sponsorship on the J-1 Student/Understudy Visa, candidates must: 
  • Have secured a preparation or entry level position with an organization in the USA. * The organization must will to offer preparing or entry level position in one of the accompanying fields: 
  1. Information 
  2. Media 
  3. Communications 
  4. Management 
  5. Business 
  6. Commerce 
  7. Finance 
  8. Science 
  9. Engineering 
  10. Architecture 
  11. Mathematics 
  12. Industrial Occupations 
  13. Public Organization 
  14. Law 
  • Be capable in English 
  • Be arranged to leave the U.S. inside of 30 days after fruition of the project. The USCIS gifts this period to take into consideration get ready for the arrival to the nation of origin. Candidates might neither proceed with nor complete the system, nor work amid this 30-day period. 

Fitting the bill for a Temporary job 

The Most extreme Assistant system length of time is 12 MONTHS. Candidates can fit the bill for a temporary job if: 
  • they are still presently selected at a degree or declaration giving post-optional foundation outside the US 
  • OR they have officially graduated with adegree or it’s identical yet not over 12 months before the system begin date 

Fitting the bill for a Traineeship

The Most extreme Student program span is the year and a half. Candidates can fit the bill for a traineeship on the off chance that they have either: 
  • A degree or expert declaration from a remote post-auxiliary scholarly foundation and no less than one year of earlier related work experience gained outside the United States 
  • OR five years of work experience gained outside the United States 
  1. Screen the candidates on the premise of their experience, instruction, and order of English guaranteeing that they meet the prerequisites of the Learner/Assistant Classification of the J-1 Visa Program 
  2. Advise both the candidate and the Organization of the exercises that are not permitted and what is normal by the Student/Assistant 
  3. Choose and register the candidate and the organization with the fitting Universal Association accountable for favoring the J-1 Visa Program 
  4. Prepare the required records for the Association's survey and endorsement 
  5. Provide direction to fulfill the fundamental steps and demands from the Association 


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