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How to apply for J1 visa for university students and requirements


The J-1 visa is a temporary visa and it is for the students to enter in USA and get their quality education from USA's highly trusted and world’s top ranked institutes. The students are allowed to student through an approved government-sponsored exchange program. 
The visa will be granted for a limited period of time only. The maximum duration of a legal stay for the student is 2 years for a non-degree program. Under certain conditions, under J-1 university/college students, students can also participate in part-time employment. The employer will determine your good academicals standing at your institution.


Spouses and dependent children (the non-married ones) can also apply and join their spouse or parent in USA through J2 visa. 


J-1 university and college students visa basic requirement

To be qualified for the J-1 college and university students visa, The applicant is required to be sponsored by an organization which is most probably a university or college, to study some course from that university and college or do an internship at some institution in US (the post-secondary academic institution)


  • The program sponsor will tell the applicant about some certain requirements for him to complete them
  • They have to show the evidence of sufficient funds as well as the intention of their limited stay.
The College and University students must:
  • Be financed by the US government, their home country's government or an internal organization of which the US is a member by statue or treaty, or substantially supported by receiving funds from any source other than family or personal funds.
  • Pursue a non-degree program and must be enrolled in the full time course of study.
  • The non-degree program's maximum duration is always 24 months with the inclusion of academic training. 

  • Students must be carried out according to some agreement between the foreign government and the United States government or according to some written agreement or deed between foreign educational institutions and American educational institutions. Or the students are participating in a student’s internship program that would complete the educational goals for the student’s degree program in the student’s home country.

Benefits of visa

  • The college and university students can indulge themselves in a degree program until its completion and non-degree programs for no more time than 24 months.
  • Students can engage in employment but only as part-timers. They can’t do full-time jobs. 
  • They can take part in academic training. This would be done with or without wages or other remuneration during their studies. This will only be done if your academic dean would approve it.

Tips on getting visa 

Students are a backbone of the economics of a country, and since USA is generating and polishing loads of talented students by giving them a chance to study in the USA through J-1 visa, students should take care of all the mandatory things at the time of preparing their documents so that they can increase their chances of getting the visa.


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