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J1 Visa - Guide Based On Procedures And Eligibility Requirements For J1 Visa

Basic Introduction

The J-1 visa is a visa which is based on studies of a person and for a specific period of time. It allows the students residing in abroad, and enrolled in secondary schools to study in the United States While living with their American Host family. Apart from their host family an option of boarding school is also there (only through accredited sponsoring organizations).


As students all over the world are growing in number, US decided to earn the number of students by introducing its student visas. It seeks Students who have the potential to study and work in the US which will lead to jobs creation and economic growth of United States. This visa holds so much importance for students all over the world who want to study in the highly trusted institutes of US.


J-1 visa for secondary students and its requirements 

  • AS a secondary school student, if you want to qualify for the J-1 secondary student’s visa, you as an applicant should be accepted to participate in the certified secondary school exchange program in the United States. 
  • Applicants are meant to demonstrate and provide satisfactory evidence or proof of the sufficient funds to support their stay in the US and the cost of study and each and everything. 
  • They also need to demonstrate that they would not abandon their home country, after completing their course they won’t indulge in any kind of activities such as unauthorized employment. Their intention of returning back to their country is checked. 



  • For participating in a secondary school exchange program, the age of the applicant must be between 15 and 18. 
  • Moreover, they have not completed more than 11 years of secondary and primary education with the exclusion of Kindergarten. 
  • The specific program requirements of the sponsoring organizations should also be met by the applicants. 
  • Those applicants who have a record of past participation in an exchange program to the United States or have studied in the United States are not eligible for applying again. They can re-apply. 
  • The Applicants for J-1 secondary student’s visa can also be required to complete some character and health requirements.

The visa Entitlements

  • The J-1 visa enables the holder to take part in any secondary school student exchange program in the United States of America. They can do so by residing in a boarding school or if they are lucky and they have some relatives in America, they can easily reside with them until their studies are over. 
  • The J-1 Secondary school student’s visa does not entitle the holder to involve or engage in any kind of employment. Babysitting, in this case, is exceptional, as it's an occasional work so babysitting can be done. Studies in the US and its quality and standard are leveling up day by day so the J-1 visa is a great opportunity for parents to send their children in the USA for gaining quality education and coming back to the country after its completion.  
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