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Fast procedure of getting H2B visa for non agricultural workers

The visa category for USA involved different categories but the most peculiar one’s are the H category visa like H2B. The H2B visa seems to be perfect for those persons who need to work in the USA under provisional, cyclic and entertaining jobs through the country.  In case you require travel all over the America and need to work, there are jobs like hospitality, theme country park, joining cruise, working in a bar or restaurant, or just want to work as a ski teacher, the H2B visa covers all these categories for you.


What is the H2B visa Requirements?

General requirements for H2B visa are:
  • The worker must at start have a job proposal from a US company to start a provisional job.
  • The worker must come across the least experiences for the job that the company has presented.
  • The US Company documents the H2B request with the US Immigration Agency.
  • The worker must plan to go home after the job competition and visa terminates.


Who succeeds for an H2B visa?

  • The H2B visa is obtainable to companies of overseas non-professionals not functioning in the agricultural arena. This visa is only accessible for work that is brief. For H2B visa category:
  • Frequent regular requirement
  • Recurrent requirement
  • Peak-load requirement
  • One time incidence


H2B Visa period:

The period of the H2B is restricted to the company's requirement for the provisional workers. The extreme official period is roughly one year. Though, the company may prolong the time up to three years in some circumstances. If the potential employee is outside the America, they should put on request for a visa with the US embassy. 
If the potential worker is previously in the USA and is moving from one nonimmigrant position to another, a visa is not compulsory. But, if the worker goes from the US and then requires re-entering USA must need a visa.

The H2B visa request contains:
  • Job proposal from a US company
  • DS-156Request form for Nonimmigrant Visa 
  • DS-157 in case you age is b/w 16 and 45
  • Compulsory filing dues
  • Copy of Authorization letter of H-2B Petition
  • Current Passport
  • Passport size photo
Sometime proof linking to home country like family, possessions, current job or any other thing are required. Like for other nonimmigrant visa, the Embassy desires to see that each candidate has links to the country so that after finishing the work he or she will definitely return home.
USA Entry Approval:
Candidates should know that a visa does not promise access into the United States. The law officer on the port of US has power to reject admission, even if the candidate has a visa. The officer at the US port is not the consular soldier of rank that controls the time for which the holder of a provisional work visa is approved to endure in the United States. The policy works like administrators request Form I-94 that is basically the data of Arrival-Departure which registers the time of stay permitted. The choice to allow or discard an appeal for postponement of stay is made completely by the USCIS.


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