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H1b1 specialty occupation visa for Singaporeans and Chileans

H1B1 visa is commonly used for candidates who are applying from the third world countries mainly Chile & Singapore. This is simply a category for temporary work visa mainly for residents of Chile and Singapore who got the opportunity of a job proposal in a precise line of work employment in the US. According to the laws made by Chile & Singapore Free Trade Agreement it includes the USCIS to excepted 6,800 H1B visas in the classification of H1B visa limit and be set aside for appropriate citizens of Chile and Singapore.


If you are interested in getting the H1B1 Visa for US you can do it in two different ways a person can obtain. To get this H-1B1 status it is necessary to start a job on this visa. You can put on a request for an H-1B1 visa at the home country embassy. if you are a local of Singapore then you can apply for a H-1B1 visa mainly at the Singaporean embassy and citizens of Chile can put on request for a H-1B1 visa only at the Chile consulate. In case you are currently in the United States on some other visa, the company can file a Form I-129 some sort of petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker if the worker wants.


If the visa application or the immigration Form I-129 petition is accepted, the worker can lawfully start working in the USA on the H-1B1category visa on or when the mentioned date starts.

H1B1 US Visa Requirements

To get the H1B1 visa for working in the US then the candidate must be a resident of either Chile or Singapore and must have a short time offer of employment in a specific job from a US employer. A precise job in USA under H1B1 requires theoretical and practical request of specified information that typically requires the equal of at least a bachelor's degree or comparable work experience. Distinctive job area or fields contain generally mathematics or physical sciences but mostly the officials prefer business specialties or accounting law.


H1B1 visa candidates may also be necessary to see specific health and character. The idea of specific job used for the H-1B1 position is somewhat bigger than that used for the H-1B. Precisely, even though the normal least condition for an H-1B is a particular bachelor’s degree, the trade arrangements with Chile and Singapore allow substitute credentials in specific area. 
  • Specifically for Chilean workers for agricultural managers and physical therapists 
  • Management specialists and adversity relief claims adjusters 


What are the US H1B1 Visa Entitlements?

The H1B1 visa ensures the candidate to start living and working in the US briefly. The H1B1 visa is typically approved for a starting period of 1 year and delays may be approved. Life Partners and unmarried children who are below 21 years can put on request for the appropriate derivative visa like H4 visa to unite your wife or husband and parent in the US. Joining the family in US will allow them to study in the US but cannot take any job.
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