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Best Way To Apply For F1 Student Visa By International Students

When you say F1 visa you are basically referring to a student visa of USA. The F1 visa is there for international students of USA.
The visa is issued to the US students who are enrolled in an English language program or an academic program at a US University or college. 
For F1 students, the maintenance of minimum course load is a must. After the expiry of legal duration time and the completion of one's course, a 60 days stay is possible.


F1 Visa Eligibility 

For students and applicants to qualify, they need to surpass strict criteria during their F1 visa interview, including the following:

Financial support 

Applicants must provide the proof of sufficient financial support.


The Sponsoring institute 

You could only study at the academic institution through which your F1 visa was approved while you are on your visa.



The applicants of this visa are required to have a foreign residence and they must intend to come back there after the completion of their study.

Bonds to Home country 

The applicants should have and must demonstrate their strong ties to their home. 
By strong ties, I mean 
Assets (land, vehicle, house etc.)
Bank Accounts 
Job offer letter after completion of studies


Where to Apply?

For F1 visa, applicants can apply at a US Embassy. They can also consulate with jurisdiction.
Though it is possible for visa applicants to apply at any US consular office board 


Requirements of Admission 

Universities have different admission policies and criteria.
The University, in order to find out whether or not you are academically eligible, will put emphasis on what they need from you. 
Apart from that, you would be required to show the institution that you have enough funds to support your dues and you don't really need to do a job for that purpose.
You may also have to show your health insurance for covering medical expenses. After the university has examined your efforts and has come to the conclusion that your application is complete, you would be issued with a 1-20 form to apply for the student visa.


Things to provide with your Application

The things may differ depending on your embassy, consulate and Country but generally, the things you need at the time of applying are:
A non-refundable application fee would be mandatory to be paid.
Form DS-157 for all males with ages between 16 and 45.
The applicants would be needed to complete and submit the DS-160. This is for the non-immigrant visa.
A photo which is colored and which has a size such as the head is between 1inch and-and 1 3/8 inches.
A photo containing your most recent or current appearance 
A photo was taken in full face view.

The Interview

The purpose of the F1 visa interview is to determine your eligibility. You should arrive for the interview carrying all the documents which are required. 
Some common interview questions are:
Why did you choose this institution and why is it the best institution for you?
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