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How to apply for B1 visa for business visitors and requirements

B1 just like the B2 visa is a visitor visa the only thing different is that it’s for businessmen. A businessman may be eligible for this visa if he will participate in business activities of a professional or commercial nature in the USA including but not limited to the following things;
  • Settling in estate
  • Participating in a training (the short term one)
  • Negotiation of contract
  • Consulting with one’s business associates
  • Traveling for the purposes including professional, scientific, educational, or business convention. 
  • Deadheading is also included. Some air crewmen can enter the USA as deadhead crew with this visa.



Eligibility procedure

Following things should be demonstrated in order to be eligible for the B-1 business visitor visa
  • The reason of your trip is to enter the USA for legitimate business.
  • You will stay only for a specified period of time and length. More than that is illegal.
  • You should have enough funds to cover your trip and all the living expenses in the USA.
  • You are residing outside of the USA which you would never abandon and return right after your time of staying expires.
  • You are otherwise admissible to the USA.



Application Process

To get the information for applying for the B-1 visa, you can check the "Department of state" link.
Aliens who are seeking a B-1 visa from various countries may be able to enter the USA without a visa. 

Extension details

The initial period of stay of the applicant is like 1 to 6 months. 6 month is maximum. 
The stay can be extended up to 6 months. The maximum amount which is permitted in B-1 visa on any one trip is like 1 year.



Family of B-1 holders

  • The spouse of children of the B-1 visa holder cannot gain a dependent visa. The dependents of the applicant will not accompany the applicant because for that person they will have to apply individually for their own B-2 visas and follow the regulations of that visa.
  • Some B-1 activities which require an Employment Authorization Document or EAD
  • These are some types of B-1 business visitors which require the employment authorization
  • A domestic US citizen servant following to join his/her US citizen employer who is having a permanent home or is stationing in the foreign country. 
  • A foreign airline employee who is engaged in international transportation of passenger’s freight.
  • Note
  • All the Business visitor B-1 visa owners as a domestic or personal servant as described previously must show the following:
  • They have a residence abroad for which they have no intention of abandoning
  • They have at least 1-year experience of domestic of a personal servant.
  • They have been employed abroad by their employer for a minimum of 1 year.
  • The employer must show that while being in abroad, he or she has employed a domestic servant on a regular basis in the same capacity as that intended for their employment.


Visa Tips

B-1 visa as I said is for the businessman. They will get this visa for sure if proper documentation before applying is done. 
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